Friday, July 30, 2010

Making the Right Resume

Resume can simply be illustrated as a brochure that provides details and capabilities of a product which is available for purchase and it is that brochure what tempts the buyer to visit the shelf where the product is located. Thus, till the time the brochure doesn't have the essential elements of attracting a common buyer, the sale is unlikely to happen.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Job Hunting Tips

There comes a time in our life when one decides, either on his will or it becomes obligatory to explore and conquer a new domain called office life. Office is considered as a place to earn experience by applying the skills and education one learnt and in return is paid for the services rendered. Office is a life about which fresh graduates think that they will have the time of their lives.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Habits of a Good Employee

There are people who religiously do exercise and they do not enjoy their day if they miss out on it, likewise there are people who do not do engage themselves in any sort of physical activity and if they are asked to add it in to their daily routine they adapt to this change but with great resistance. Similarly, there are certain routine exercises to be followed as an employee, from the inception to enjoy your role as a good employee.

Here are ------ things that one need to following in all of his jobs.

First Day at First Job

We are all feel butterflies in our tummies when it comes to beginning the professional life and the excitement multiplies when you are handed the appointment letter, the nerves further begin to build as the joining date comes closer.

Habits that I Had Quit

There is no consensus on how closely the brain...Image via Wikipedia

As we grow old our responses to, many situations become fixed and are set to “by-default” mode, i.e. mind instantaneously transmits the action to be taken by any part of our body. Similarly we adopt habits that are, unintentional but, religiously practiced and become our signature and one can easily and accurately guess our name by looking at the remnants.