Saturday, July 24, 2010

First Day at First Job

We are all feel butterflies in our tummies when it comes to beginning the professional life and the excitement multiplies when you are handed the appointment letter, the nerves further begin to build as the joining date comes closer.

Once the initial excitement of starting your career wears off, one usually get the scared of entering a new world, misses that the education days are over and mostly curtailing social events etc.

Getting prepared:

You should be keen to leave a good first impression. Few steps to leaving a good impression are as follows:

1. Dress and makeup appropriately for the job.
2. Arrive early to the office, this depicts that you are keen.
3. Do not be shy or confused, as you will most probably be moving department to department knowing who is who unless there is an orientation program.
4. Show eagerness to learn, e.g. by shadowing the other colleague or noting down details from predecessor or going through manuals etc.
5. Go out on lunch with the team / predecessor / or colleague, this will help to understand the team, nature or work, job requirements etc

End of Day 1:

By the end of day one, you will be tired as the whole day you concentrated hard and felt positive about your new job. Be confident that in less time you will be able to do all these tasks skillfully as you repeat them.
Remember: It will take some time to get settled in to the routine.


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