Sunday, July 25, 2010

Job Hunting Tips

There comes a time in our life when one decides, either on his will or it becomes obligatory to explore and conquer a new domain called office life. Office is considered as a place to earn experience by applying the skills and education one learnt and in return is paid for the services rendered. Office is a life about which fresh graduates think that they will have the time of their lives.

Girls dream of themselves wearing best clothes outdoing others and succeeding. While the boys believe that they will be the stars because they have the passion and desire. But all said and done, one has to test the waters first by looking for a job.
Job hunting is a very crucial phase as one invests loads of time at various options but may feel dejected if the response is not right. But, the point to remember is that one must not loose hope at all. There will be a time when things will take a U turn and your desired job will come your way.
Job hunting, is analogous to hunting where your weapons are your education and skill, the prey is the position you seek and the jungle is the job market, thus if you are to enter the jungle that is known to have the desired animal you wish to hunt and, have the right weapon hurrah! You will succeed. But if you have a needle and desire to kill a python in a Sahara desert you got all your combination wrong my friend.
Probably now you have an idea of how to go about job hunting, it should not be, "any thing would work for me" rather one should have it all planned. The planning process is not at all cumbersome, tabular form is given
My Education or area of interest MBA HR / Bachelors in Commerce 
Key Area of interest to work in  Gratuity Fund Management / Budgeting  
Industry that I want to work in FMCG, Bank, Insurance, Consultancy Firm 
Companies of that industry Uni-lever, Ford , Price Water Cooper, etc
The best in the industry  Uni-lever, P&G, etc


Filling in the above table helps one to evaluate and know where he is and what job he wants be in.
Now the bad part, say if one doesn't get call from the industry leaders, there is no need get a somber face, no one stopped you to apply at other companies of the industryJ, the positive side of applying to every company of the chosen industry is that if given a chance you will be in the desired industry and later attaining relevant experience you can easily move up the ladder. The key to success nowadays is not work hard rather work smart and hard. Starting from scratch will give you experience that others envy.
How to apply for jobs?
Advertisement / Word of mouth / Companies Website or Mailing HR department
Unless you know that there is a vacancy or the right person who is seeking an employee, one should apply to the human resource department, the addresses of which are easily available on in internet, on the company's official website in the "contact us" or "careers" section, Where they either request you to send in an e-mail or fill in a form.
Word of mouth / E-Forums/ Mailing lists/ Web portals
Often professional colleges / universities have contacts in corporate world, where by they often get informed about the vacancies and the pre-requisites so if there is an option like that avail it.
Then there are various web portals where one can get registered and be informed about the latest updates plus there are recruiting companies who exist to have a pool of prospective employees for prospective employers.
In job hunting there is no working than networking. Expand your contacts, show up at relevant events for e.g. if you want to be in media, show up at fashion shows and press clubs, for banking be at seminars. Brush up school contacts; remove the dust from the dingy diary and meet up with friends. An opportunity will come when least expected, so use your network and use that to your advantage.
Happy Job Hunting!!!

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