Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Office Inner Peace Funda’s

office stress When one is so strong inside that the world around him cannot distort his thought patterns, one gets his inner peace. I believe that person is able to do so because to meet any objective he has basic set of rules to follow …or… a standard “if-then-else” loop… or … exceptional hawk eye over whole scenario …or God is always with him ;)

Inner peace, for me, is the quality that aids me  in maintaining my composure in a state of chaos and try to untie those problematic knots with sanity and get the engine running smoothly. Many a times I fail, but I have learned it the hard way that the solutions to my problems reside in the efforts and decisions that i make in cool state of mind, because “haste drags you to slum”. For that i follow a “rule based” approach i.e. if it is in my rule book i will follow a procedure if its not in my rule book… i will create a rule and then follow it religiously

People at office are of different nature, with different social / ethical / cultural believes and values but OFFICE it self is a complete new entity, with a unique culture, values, set of rules and benchmarks and owners of different segments with only one motive “my goals = your goals =  company’s mission”. In an ideal environment, things go smooth as baby's’ buttocks but in reality “conflict of interests” arises… either in the same segment or otherwise, upon professional judgment or personal interest, professional qualification or salary packages, sales vs finance, front office or back office, and there are many permutations and combinations…  it is the story of every office and the employee has a respective role to play.

For an employee besides, the job description responsibilities there are other aspects to be taken care of, which are of far more prime importance then meeting the JD responsibilities… remember … “it is the attitude that makes you get hired, perform and make others work for you and not your skills” … you have to have an attitude at work…

and this attitude get inherited in employee’s system once s/he starts following the rules created, without exceptions to them.

Based on my experience following are the basic rules to be followed at any working environment:

1. Quit!!! Poking Nose + dictating how to, (unless asked) :
We do it because we think that the other person is not doing it our way thus it is the wrong way… just  Remember: “God has created us different” … this is the reason the people do not think the same. Limit your self your work and you will be happy.

2. F n F (Forgive and Forget):
Again, since no two people think similar, conflicts are bound to arise… the loser should not consider this as an insult rather a learning opportunity… and should publicly declare that he has learnt some thing out of the discussion, declaring publicly gives an assurance that the vamp inside won’t develop feelings of grievances and revenge. God loves… who forgive and forget plus one doesn’t looses his sleep and avoids taking happy pills (anti-depression tablets)

3. Working hard with Right means:
Every one wants to be recognized at his work place, so the goal should be to gain recognition by performing well and not by adopting ill means (back biting / kissing buns / spreading rumors / personal attacks etc). One must abide the professional codes of conducts and ethics.

4. No..No…NO!!! to Green Eyed – Envious Nature:
We often get jealous of others in office and during the course we are always thinking bad about that person, and often we think so much about his activities that it distorts our peace of mind. Often colleagues get jealous of another upon a praise, promotion and this feeling multiplies if the praised individual is new in the organization.

Jealously results in negative thoughts and negative actions and we all know a bad deeds return bad consequences. Jealousy is not the solution… hard work is… and pray to Lord to make you good and resolve your issues.

Note: If your fate is written that your life will end up shaping you rich and filthy famous it is bound to happen and If your destiny is otherwise no one can change what ever unfortunate happens in your life.

 5. Adjustment / Alignment:
Every office has a different environment a smart person doesn’t try to change the the existing norms rather he amends his activities and responses that suit the new environment.

6. Seeking Solution and not making Commotion:  
In our daily routine, one ends up making mistakes and sometimes blunders… and sometimes faces accidents beyond ones control. What one should do is forget who to blame … and seek the answer for … what is required to get it back on the right track???

This attitude turns an adverse situation in your and your teams favor as every one is motivated to find the solution in a peaceful state of mind…

7. Know your Capacity:
If you think that taking extra responsibilities will highlight you among others… its a wrong move… you are doing it to satisfy your ego.

When one takes extra responsibilities beyond his limits that will result in additional load on his mind, as risk to failure is a constant stress.

If you think you are slow and want to increase you capacity eliminate the activities that make you lethargic and start morning walk and prayers and eat healthy, you will feel that your mind will start getting things in order. 

8. Being Professional and Ethical:
It is very easy to be a professional and ethical individual, because he knows which decision is going to bear good fruits and opts and implements it.

Those who act unprofessional and unethical, often end up having sleep disorders because majority of people when go to bed they think what they did… one can lie to the whole world but not to his own self… this haunts them and they cannot run from it.

9. When I leave office i mean it: 
Make it your habit… you do not need to take office work / stress home… leave every thing there at office premises… give your time to family and if some one from office calls… tell them you cannot recall and once you join office the next day you will look in to it.

Majority of us… cannot sleep proper because they cannot take office out of their head : (… and when we do not have a complete nap we end up making more errors and irritated nature or both.

Follow these rules if you did not know them and see the positive impact on your office life and mental health.

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