Thursday, December 2, 2010

Man - The Malicious Creation

men-are-dogs- Someone said, “a man does all the thinking before going to bed and for the woman thinking process starts after it”… and as per my observation I find it pretty true.

Sitting together on a cozy sofa he whispers in her ear… “let your eyes and arms free and let them do what they want to do …”

and the devil in his heart is yelling… “EXPLORE ME”

he then further adds by exhaling warm breath on her neck, “sweet heart when you blush upon my praise and lower your gaze it makes me want to steal this red color from your cheeks…  muah! … Oh Darling the smell of your hair makes me high…” (even if the girl hasn’t taken a bath in xyz days)

“Sweetheart … your aroma has intoxicated the whole environment and I feel as if I am on xtacy”.

“Come here close to me… listen to my heart.. that beats with only one desire tonight… You and only You”.
====> as she tries to speak he put a finger on her lips

“Shhhhh!!! let me complete”

“This night wants us to be together and put an end to our desires for one another”.

“Sugar… just forget yourself tonight in my arms.. (he then takes her in his arms and plays / start humming the song “lets make a night to remember”)”
Men are bastards
---------------------------------The End----------------------------------

=> Majority of Men do not cultivate friendship with females for the reason of enjoying their company… but sadly they have something else in their mind to keep them company.

In a nutshell a male is a hunter who is well equipped with a through research on the prey (female), he swiftly want to use his tactics to teeth the trusting / Innocent and lovable creature. Many of the females fall victim to the ruthless barbarian (in some cases again and again) because men have diversified motivations, strengths and tactics to approach a woman and make her surrender will fully. They say “experience is the best teacher” but here in this scenario she surrenders on what she needs to protect, in some cases, as i mentioned earlier she surrenders it again and again.

Females often come up with quoting “ ‘my intuition’ is never wrong, he is my Mr. right… i was waiting for”. I don’t know why women say that they have inbuilt power to understand every thing happening in their surroundings. If Eve’s intuition was switched on how did the serpent bluffed her ???? Poor women.

We men, feel incomplete without the females, but the modes and techniques applied to fill up those missing gaps are mean, immoral and due to such act men are often referred as “DOGs and Bast*rds”.

A man should ideally know, “men cannot live without women” and marriage is the greatest victory--- a win where no one is a loser. BUT… BUt… But…but

Majority of Men have different desires / motives to meet when they come to think about the weaker sex:  some are are follows

1. Valuable Possession… consider females a luxury item (1,2 or more)

2. Check mate / Conqueror … feel more of a man upon winning over their adversary.

3. Male Identification… unfortunately the one who doesn’t wins over a girl is the odd man out.

4. Assurance of boys will be boys… they are naughty …what ever their mom says … they do not do it.

5. Curiosity… men are curious by nature… especially about why every girl is different from the previous one

6. Attention / Sympathy seeker… many of the A-holes win over by falsifying and misusing the statement “I forget all my worries in your arms”

7.Re-phrased Praise… man loves to be praised about his abilities but soon gets bored listening the monotonous statements from the same partner.

all these reasons support him to brag and fulfill the thirst of his ego plus an endorsement that he is a male and has an undue right of what and how he want from women around him.

Men have different tools to captivate women, may use

1. Flattery: she love being praised  and he soon moves from verbal appreciation to Physical appreciation in bed.

2. Money: men consider it investment when they buy some thing for a women, the profits are returned at his place or hers.

3. Intention to Marry: He just intends too… while for her… marriage is every thing.

The Scheme and Strategy is simple: he plots how /when /where to weaken her so that he gives herself to him… the sooner the better … because life is limited and he wants to taste a variety of candies in the store.

What can a woman do to equalize ????

spank men

“As a man starts to loose his interest in a female… the girls interest in him increases”---- leading to sufferings and pain.

One thing that i have learned over the years, is that a woman feel extremely miserable when she sees ‘the man- who made her suffer’ …HAPPY…

Why to feel miserable? when this is what he wanted for you!!!!    so

1. Do not let him see you unhappy… a man gets disturbed when he doesn’t see the woman acting according to the plan.

2. Do not seek sympathy /curse him or blame him for ruining your life… rather… treat him as respectfully as possible… this will nourish the guilt inside of him.

3. Do not pay attention as he talks and purposefully depart as quick as possible but be polite…  men do no like being ignored

4. Do not frown on his activities and never give a straight answer to him … will make him puzzled

5. Never let a moment go out of hand, where you can remind him “you have the talent but you still need some experience”… men do not like that their image to be ridiculed, specially by a female.

I again would suggest… not to let him know that you are hurt.

Since every thing is fair in love and war… and the war has started… why not to poison his peace with the sting of love :).

I would suggest if you recall all the prior events and find his vulnerable areas and attack where it hurts the most…  some ways to fuse his brain and constantly irritate him are:

1. Give Him Gifts that are useless to him:
I used to hate it… she once gifted me  a trouser at least 5 inches less then my waist… as i smiled with utter dismay she came up with a killer statement “I didn’t know you have gained weight… you used to be so smart then … this was sheer lie but served the purpose.

2. Publically Calling him with ridiculing Nickname:
For example; call him “dum-dum”…  “dumbo”… “gooooof-y”
the pain increases as people around you laugh.

3. Don’t criticize but have an eye on the target… “your tummy…your puffy eyes… recession on head”… men like women do not like to age and this would seriously hurt his in groin.
The way men react to the above… provides extreme pleasure to women and equalized the score.

What to do… to develop a balance ?

Man is wild beast, bigger, smarter and stronger then a woman but this is all before marriage… the balance of power shift after marriage and then this beast is chained, domesticated and enslaved.
It is a universal fact that “men cannot live without females” and also that “men despite all the pollution are created for women”

Marriage is the solution… 

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  1. when i was young i was told it was a doggy dog world out there
    when i got older i thought its a mans world out there
    when i got married i realized that all my previous dispositions were grossly is and always will be a womans world...until hazrat iSa comes and kills the dajjal and yajood majood come and eat all the women up :p:p:p