Monday, December 13, 2010

How To Make the most out of your first job ??

Majority of us are of the school of thought that the first opportunity one gets is like kindergarten of professional life, where you come with the strategy to watch and learn then practice and become perfect and also adapt your behavior in line with the company’s culture and move on to take new assignments in the same or new company.There may be different approaches to apply this conventional strategy to extract maximum out of your first job, the following case study may aid in developing a strategy of your own.

Case Study:

Tom’s career progressed quickly in comparison with his contemporary batch mates and colleagues, since he graduated. He believes in only one thing which is to work hard and he started applying it from day one at his first job.

“Studying all my life and then suddenly shifting gears to work full time was a new and different experience. In the last year of my degree I applied only to the opportunities offered by my university, and honestly I was not bothered of what industry I get in or the job description as long as the opportunity had loads of potential to progress.”

“I was given an opportunity to join the graduate scheme of a financial firm, where I worked in different departments over a year. I personally believe that it was the best opportunity to get a solid ground in the company and to build up my skills and evaluate my self to know where my interest lies.”

When many of his contemporaries were enjoying the perks, leaving the office at time and not missing out on socializing activities, Tom on the contrary made efforts to get noticed for every right reason.

Tom says, “I used to get in early and was always willing to help in every assignment, some people hated me while some didn’t bother but ……I did…… because they were my competition.”

Paying Off

Tom’s efforts paid off as every departmental head awarded him with highest rating upon his evaluation.

“When the scheme was over, there were limited vacancies in limited departments. I was the luckiest as not only I got the department I wanted to work in but I was also promoted.”

Moving on to the next job

Tom worked there for another 2 years with the same zeal and zest, and soon got the call from the international office where is regarded high for his professional behavior and attitude towards work.


It is not necessary that all your life you will serve the company that provided you the break through. The task, here besides work, is to learn about the office environment, the people their behavior and departments etc so that one can craft his career ahead.

Broadly speaking… one should polish the following on his first Job to take on future prospects with better experience.

1. Attitude: [ Do not expect to much / No!!! to Arrogance…]

2. Know the People around: [ Good interpersonal skills / who is who and whose through / who did what ???]

3. Culture: [ what the company stands for (its core values) / team work / responsibilities shared/ ].

4. Constant Polishing your skills: [ Learn new methodologies / technologies that ease the work load ]

5. Evaluate your self: [ what you need to improve upon.]

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  1. Short and to the point, I would be recommending it as a checklist item that are mandatory.

    Zaheer, i have one wish list item and that is if you can give some guidance, how a new born to corporate world can understand the people around, what should be his behaviour, as I have experience some people take extreme advantage of you, some do not teach you, some are freindly but stab you etc etc.

    Hope to look in to my request
    Ameera Al-Qahtani