Monday, October 25, 2010

Why to make money online?

Well I asked this question to myself, when I was being briefed of making money over the internet without any issue. It felt too good to be true that I thought that I was being cheated by the person giving the presentation, “Every one can make money online”.

When I saw the negligible efforts required to reap good and easy money online, I thought to give it a shot, thinking that if I make the minimum set benchmark of money over internet it will pay my bills as my salary gets delayed due to company’s liquidity problems.
What really motivated me to take the steps of earning online was the magnetic “$$$$” signs. As I researched further I found that Internet is a potential market where one has good probability of making money, and since I am from a third world country, the exchange rate pumped me more to learn and start making money through web. The other factor was working and utilizing my efforts and energy when ever and where ever I want to, thus my freedom was not at stake rather I would state it was not work for me, I took it as a hobby to be online and earn simultaneously by doing actions that I like to do and when it seemed convenient to me.
The sheer feeling of working on my terms and on my timings and even then getting paid with no deduction of being late on work was so attractive that I couldn’t stop taking that chance, because I then thought that if it gives me the fruitful results then who the hell needs a job, where I am over worked and under paid.
The concept of earning money online and working as per my convenience, motivated me to start working for myself and reap the benefits and take sole credit of job done well by me.
I am still a salaried person, with dual mode of incomes, a fixed salary, that I get when I render my services as Manager Finance, while when it comes to be an online earner, my income varies and often is 5 times more then the fixed one.
If you are still thinking why to make money online, my friend, stop thinking and start acting.

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