Sunday, October 10, 2010

No Finance No Romance

no finance no romance This post is dedicated to every individual be it single, married , divorced, swinger, committed, bi/metro/ homo-sexual; with an aim to tell  a bitter reality that always remains stagnant, rigid and straight --------> “no Money means no Honey".

No matter how lovey-dovey… koo che ku.. pumpkin…sugar doll… kind of names one is called upon by his/her partner …but… when the time comes where there is no nickel to buy some pickle my friend gears tend to shift in reverse mode… the same partner start getting thoughts of calling the counterpart with names such has poor / deprived / broke etc
Member of any gender (M / F / Trans)  is an active player of this “no finance … no romance” game. Often in the initial phase of the relationship  many couples don’t know that they will end up playing this implied relationship game but playing this game is inevitable.
* To get one self hooked to a girl… one needs to take her out … at good restaurants / discothèque , buy her gifts etc which is a subliminal message to a female that this would continue for the rest of her life. Rich old pigs are masters and are role models for young piglets
* Very few men have the privilege of finding a female who loves to bear their expenses [lucky bastards]. Majority of the females who shower money on men are either “aged rich  singles / lately heart broken / divorced or nymphs. [damn those lucky a$$es]
Having a Poor father is pure Luck but choosing a broke Father in law…… Damn F**k
Young boys & girls are the only one who have a percentage of “lovers who don’t fall for money and go for looks / attitude and style and love & sincerity” but this changes and they step out of their teens; then
1. they start humming “noting is for free… so tell me what can you do for me” 
2. Security has a new definition: this person will never go broke.
3. Holiday means: not going to meet the parents rather at a beach resort for a week.
4. Date or Dinner means: Dining out at XYZ and not at home
5. Liar: is one who lies about is finances and not about one’s ex-relationships.
Since every one has a standard of living to maintain or responsibilities to meet …thus a partner with weak financial spine is a liability and the desired partner is one with money in his kitty.
After seeing many instances i personally believe; “Love is a mysterious thing… one can fall in love with the most ugly / aged / unsocial / unhappy / rigid person if he is filthy rich while the pretty young faces try to find the rich partner on their own strategy.”
Love lasteth as long as the money endureth. — William Caxton
They way things are going … soon love will be available on sale… “pay $XYZ  an get loved by your partner of your choice, our portfolio is available at http://www.*******.com/

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