Sunday, October 17, 2010

Generic Employee (GE)

Generic Employee 2 Generic Employee, hereinafter referred to as “GE”… by GE I mean a programmed employee who has a perform (and suffer) a set of routine tasks… a highly probable GE life is as follows:

GE always gets up confused and stressed [only God know why  but  he still blames every thing on God…when he is the one responsible for his acts]… he then quickly gets ready to leave for office and often skips his morning tea / shave or something else that he values high especially in the morning ;)
Later as he reaches the office he feels like taking a U-turn after spitting on the office door and go back to sleep but with unsatisfied heart he sluggishly approaches the entrance… and reaches his desk after greeting his fellow colleagues to start his so called monotonous shitty routine.
Soon his routine shit comes to halt as his D***-head Manager calls him and starts his usual boring discussion with him on his unsatisfactory performance on any given task. The meeting ends with the same conclusion that GE is hardworking and diligent employee but needs to improve… “TRY… Harder”… GE gets up and leaves the room thinking “if he has issues with my performance why doesn’t he do things himself and why does he still continues to re-present my workings to others”… Alas! its just his heart because he doesn’t have the courageous ping pongs to say the same.
De-motivated GE moves to his desk and pretends to work thinking WTF did i do in my life that i got blessed with this D*** Face, GE feels that letting his colleagues know that his mind is tied and raped repeatedly by his Bo$$ will classify him as MAD… so he shuts up.
To bring his attitude back in to the working environment he leaves his desk and moves to other departments to check out the receptionist or other members of opposite sex and tries to find a way to greet and talk to them but mostly finds them talking to some other colleague or busy on phone etc …no one looks at the poor soul with a smile :(
Again.. GE, with his gloomy face, goes back to his desk and pretends to work… neither thinking straight nor feeling great just feeling pain in his a$$
GE lives a complicated life… during working hours he thinks and plan that on reaching home, “i will drink / sleep / watch tv / socialize” and when in home or in bed he spends quality time thinking and cursing what shit shall follow him the next day in his office. POOR SOUL.
Finally a day comes, where he realizes or is made realized that things are not going right for him… he doesn’t have to sit late till his Boss leaves the premises / he doesn’t need to take office work to home / he doesn’t need to come back to office once he has left for home / he doesn’t need to ruin his holidays … rather he should avail every opportunity to let them know that his work should be valued and he as a human-being should not be taken for granted. Upon realizing that… his approach to the solve the office life changes drastically … even if after realization he is still a dumb bi*** …
GE has every reason to believe that his feeling for taking up this job would result in a better living and career progression was wrong… and now he needs to yell out … “I Quit… it would be better to get up … eat.. shit..bathe and go back to bed then to be at office 24/7” the thought process further includes, “i will soon get a good job with better working environment and definitely awesome babes and I will surely end up enjoying a happy life”.

The story continues in the same loop…. he joins… he works … he gets irritated and he quits… until he changes his approach to tackle issues.

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