Saturday, October 2, 2010


Bangcock A colleague of mine made me realize :
“Why to curse any one when we have a city to serve the respective purpose for us… Bang-Kok…”

Saying this city’s name can covers multiple dimensions of our daily life:
Examples from my daily life are as follows:
Astonished:     Bangkok…how did this happen…. BANG-KOK
Unaware:              No one told me … Bang-kok
Trouble:                   Run!!!!!  Shit is about to hit the fan… Bang-kok
A nger:                         I don’t want to see your Bang-kok face
Complexity:                     How does this thing work …Bang-kok!!!
Fun and Pleasure:                It was great fun… Bang-kok!!
Pain:                                          It hurts…. Bang-kok!!!!
Request:                                               just do as I say ..Bang-kok!!!!
Caught Red Handed:                                   Bang-kok!!!! i m dead

Besides being the capital and major city of Thigh-land… oh! Sorry Thailand … this city saves me from using the “ F ” word.
Thanks to the Bangkok-er who named this city :)

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