Tuesday, August 24, 2010

5 Essentials of a Good Employee

Good Employee Bad Employee There are people who religiously do exercise and they do not enjoy their day if they miss out on it, likewise there are people who do not do engage themselves in any sort of physical activity and if they are asked to add it in to their daily routine they adapt to this change but with great resistance. Similarly, there are certain routine exercises to be followed as an employee, from the inception to enjoy your role as a good employee.

Here are 5 things that one need to following in all of his jobs.
This is the first thing that you need to follow; this is the most important skill that one needs to polish by following it daily. Being punctual is one implied role or policy of any organization and it is considered at the time of appraisal too.
Learn and do not be afraid of owing your errors, deficiencies and mistakes. New comers are highly likely to make mistakes because they have no idea of the practical work environment.
Once you tell your senior that your take the responsibility of an error, then he may sit with you to teach you of doing things the right way. Lies are not effective in long term plus the job world is a very small where words travel fast and liar is not how you want to be known.
Every organization is divided in to many teams (departments) with different goals e.g. finance, marketing, operations etc. The teams are then further divided   with versatile roles.
Since no one person can run the department alone by doing all the tasks especially in a specified time frame that is why there are teams formed.
As a team member, it is necessary to do good job and teach others to do a great job and as the time passes by the understanding level grows and one enjoys working with his team.
Involving other colleagues and promoting team work help you to succeed through out your career.
In office life, no one likes every one thus every work place has a fair share of gossip, politics and drama. Practice that you do not end up being a part of it, maintain your distance from such situations. Just listen to all and do not comment.
You do not want to be in a dilemma, as you may end up in alienating from co-workers or mess up with the management.
Doing every task to the best of your abilities; sounds like a typical advice but it is one of the trusted statements. Try to recall your first internship / job where many of us desired to get hired in the same organization and considered it as the first chance to show what you have got and doing your best all the time to increase your value every time. Thus, that ability to do things at the optimum should not go rusted.
Give the job a 100% through your efforts and attitude … in return your Job will make you feel good about it.

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