Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Who Scratched My Car ???

So if title was intriguing, and you came for finding the culprit … Alas!!! all i have, what is to follow, are just doubts.
I just wish that, for once in my life, if i find a person doing graffiti to any car… on behalf of all the suffering humanity I will pluck every hair out of his body starting from his eye lids… with great pleasure.
scrathed my car

After the first birthday of my car I realized that I paid for the bumper on behalf of others, and it is their social right to “embrace” or “kiss” it with their bumpers and for this act of kindness bearing any disrespectful comment in my mind is categorized as a major sin.
The first ever scratch on my car was like a scratch on my heart, and I wanted to scratch every available vehicle in view but unfortunately my family brought up  didn’t allow me to invite them forcefully to the club :)
I don’t know what others have experienced but people used keys, coins and even nails to get their inner peace because:
  1. My new car was giving competition to my neighbors 4-wheeler [my mistake, I sincerely apologize, that buying a vehicle was considered a competition in vicinity]
  2. In the parking lot, I refused a kid not to clean my car and declared that i won’t pay him. (damn 20 bucks to him could have saved me 300… Shit)
  3. My ride was a little more sparkling and shiny then theirs. [sorry sir, i won’t get my car waxed, onwards ]
  4. Unintentionally I parked my car at a place, where Mr.XYZ daily used to park. [and his autograph he no where wrote… don’t park it here the next time]
  5. Its Fun… what is the harm… the car is so clean and shiny a minor scratch will save it from the evil eye.
Besides intentional artwork performers, there exist a % who are unaware of this unrivaled talent, for them its an action that just happened and they didn’t know they were in the scene. Many of them are those who when passing by a car… tap the hood / door or trunk  with their knuckles and when they fail to get the type of response they wanted from the parts of car… the use the key or coin to post a signature that state “i came but you were not home”.
Human are not the only ones who leave painful marks for the vehicle owners, animals contribute too (like the one in the picture).
BUT  -----> “Animals no matter how well they behave are referred as ‘well-trained’ not ‘sophisticated’.” [movie: 3 idiots]
Subject to ethical and moral values of an individual i agree to the following:
“Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.” --- Plato

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