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Common Interview Questions

Common Interview Questions

Interview is an opportunity to prove yourself to the interviewer that you are the right person for the job. Majority of the interviews are composed of certain predictable questions and the key to impress the interviewer is to give better answer then the any other candidate.
To impress the interviewer, one must:

1. Know the likely questions to be asked
2. Develop / plan excellent answers
3. Practice the delivery plan
4. Remember that sometimes what you say is not as important as how you say it. Be confident, enthusiastic, and remember to smile often.
A good technique is to write the answers of the anticipated questions and edit them if required and practice your polished answer.
Most of the interview questions revolve around the ability to do the job and to the type of employee you will be. Here are very commonly asked questions:
"Tell us about yourself."
Your response should be such that it focuses on both your professional and personal values, being honest and expressing about the best traits that are required for the job should be the key here. Here you can easily deliver what is stated on your resume.
Consider this as a chance of making your own advertisement to sell yourself.
 "What is your greatest strength?"
Do not pick only one quality, focus on 3 to 4 skills e.g. leader ship, communication, team player and organization skills. Evaluate which strengths would best fit in for the vacancy, for example if the job requires multi-tasking one can state; “I apply my organization, prioritization and time management skills such that enables me to handle multiple projects and dead lines”
 "What is your greatest weakness?"
 IMPORTANT: be sure that the weakness you state is not the key element required for the job.
This is a trick question and the interviewer has heard many versions. It is better to come up with something original like and not in one word, explain it why you consider it your weakness, e.g.
  1. “My family, I am very emotional when it comes to my family and get stressed which of distracts my focus.”
  2. “Many a time I fail to delegate work appropriately because I felt I could do it better my self, and some times it backfired, (using “sometimes” is better than using always). But I have been reading texts and seeking a course on effective project management to over come this weakness”
 "How do you handle stressful situations?"
Provide a plan of handling stress and its application. Elucidate on time management, team management and decision making qualities of yours and do not be afraid to state that you would to seek assistance, if considered necessary.
 "What do you feel has been your greatest accomplishment?"
Choose an example, from any aspect of your life such that it can be correlated to elements required for that job. Examples can be: a Challenge that you took and got successful, your final year project, arranging an event, an idea that brought change or got appreciated etc.
"Why do you want this position?"
This is where you require a blend of:
1. Research about the company
2. A correlation between your professional objectives and the opportunity
Explain that you want to apply your professional knowledge and expand your professional experience with a company that leads the industry or find any thing specific about the company.
"Why are you the best person for this job?"
The key here is to be enthusiastic and confident when you reply.
Highlight several characteristics for which you must become their team member:
1. I have the skills that you require for the job
2. I am a fast learner
3. I am dedicated and enthusiastic to delivering targets / meets goals
4. I believe in delivering top quality results in minimal time.

Do you have any questions?
Often the interviewer’s last question is, “do you have any questions?”
Candidates’ response in negative gives an impression that he has minimal interest in the position and will not impress the interviewer.
Relate your questions to the company, your research about the company will further impress the interviewer.
Do not ask questions that relate to you, for example “when will be considered for promotion”, do not bring salary expectations as this is negotiated once you are offered a position.
You can ask the interviewer:
What do you enjoy about working here?
Is there anything I've mentioned that makes you think I'm not the best candidate for this job?
This gives you a final chance to change their opinion, if they mention something that is bothering them.
Start preparing your answer, as the interviewer gives his reply, be confident and positive do not show a gloomy face it posts an impression that you can not afford to lose with grace. Provide your response with a smile, for example “I know I lack the relevant experience but I can make up for it being a fast learner, my enthusiasm and desire to do extremely well”.

Still feel that your are unprepared... "Job Interviews for Dummies" will help you to get your confidence ;)

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