Friday, August 6, 2010

Problem Solving Tricks

 MMmh! we often end up finding our selves in misery where for a time being we curse ourselves for landing in to that crap where no immediate “butt saving” solution is available and 99% of the times this problem was the last thing you wanted. No worries… repeat the mantra “A for apple… B for Ball” 100 times, after your end up reading the text below :)

The first thing to need to do, is to know the fact that you are the only one who will find the solution to this problem, because if you don’t its your butt any ways which is on line… so start believing in your self. 

If you are still reading I am sure things often don’t go as planned for you, so the first lesson you clearly need to learn is “let things work if they are functioning well, no worries if the out put is slow there is no need to go for innovation because Every solution breeds new problems!!”.

Since things were previously going well and now you have messed them, solution to the problem begins by calling your self an Idiot and then figure out if someone knows about your blunder, if NO (you lucky bartender) hide it====> thus NO PROBLEM; and things will tend to be normal. BUT… its very rare that no one knows what you were up to, in that case, the solution is to find an escape goat, just blame it on him … and the trick is to do it with confidence:)

Let him Learn, that life is a Bi**h.

You can never be the smart Alic all the time, and may end up tasting your own medicine,…i.e. when Mr. X  inquires “who?”, rest of all point at you.  No need to worry, my brother, just know it in your brain … “every problem has a solution”  and the solution here “ignorance” e.g. I didn’t see it coming / Had no idea it will turn out like this / it never incurred to me that the outcome can be like this etc.

The basic technique to solve issues (always) is, “Throw the bomb away before it explodes in your hand”

Why to take a chance on taking responsibilities when you have millions of other around whom you can make responsible!!!!

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  1. I came out looking for some serious solution, but my friend you made me feel better, because after reading the strategy i have planned to exercise it on default mode in certain situations.